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Eyebrows …

Eyebrows, are very much in at the moment, there are so many new products on the market I thought as a beauty blogger I was being left behind.  For years I have used an eyebrow pencil which has always suited me fine.  However I felt maybe I was being a bit old fashioned in my approach so took a tiny step forward and then a large step back!… read on.

A  is for a Tiny Step

First off I tried Brow Lift by Charlotte Tilbury.  This is a lovely product, as we know Charlotte Tilbury is not a budget range but I had high hopes.  Beautifully designed and packaged, the shade (Grace K) was perfect and the pencil has an eyebrow brush at one end and a twist up triangular shaped pencil at the other, which makes it easy to use and draw a hair like stroke.  In the middle of the pencil is a highlighter a very pretty gold colour – too much for me during the day but perfect in the evening.  As you can see I still have it and the highlighter is still going but the pencil part ran out rapidly – within 8 weeks it was gone 🙁

B is for Budget Brand

I next went ahead and purchased another fancy pencil.  Whilst choosing I was erring towards a eye brow palette but on the whole I am pretty happy with my eyebrows,  they have always been full even when they weren’t in fashion I never over plucked them.  I have a few areas that need a bit of defining but thats all, so I purchased another pencil Maybelline Brow Satin in medium brown.  Again happy with the colour this one has a twist up pencil at one end and a powder at the other…. however this one lasted less than a month!?  Not sure why, I don’t think I was being heavy handed as I said earlier I am just trying to fill in a few gaps.

C is for Crikey thats old!

So after spending a fair amount of money on a couple of pencils (about £30, majority of which was the CT one), I have gone back to what I know, and what I have been using for about oh… 30 years.  Not that the pencil in the picture above is 30 years old of course, however it is about 3 years old and still going.  So it doesn’t look very pretty, but you can see exactly where you are with this one – i.e. keep on sharpening it until it is no more.  This pencil works fine for me so I am going to stick this this one, they are plenty of other things I can spend my money on.

How do you define your brows, or maybe you don’t need to.  I would love to know what you are using, so please drop me a comment below.

Thanks, BB 😉💋


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  1. Hi I have always done my brows even having dark ones and before it was really fashionable!! I used to have an American one called YBF which was great but you can't get it on QVC UK any more… Grrr!! I find that Soap and Glory do a good double ended "fat" pencil with brows and highlighter which lasts ages but you end up, like you with more highlighter left than brow pencil. Am currently using an Avon palette (a journey into powder and wax) and it isn't bad… But was runs out too quickly!!

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