Eye Cream – all rounder required

May 15, 2017

My eye cream wishes

  1. Get rid of the lines
  2. Get rid of dark circles
  3. To make me look awake
  4. Not be too greasy (so I can wear AM and PM)
  5. Light reflecting
  6. SPF
Whilst I was typing the above list I realised of course that I was naturally typing them in order of ‘wants’.  This might also be the reason why I have drawerfuls of eye creams, I buy them they fail to deliver so they get chucked in the drawer (which is less painful than throwing them out, by the time I get round to that I will have hopefully forgotten how much it cost).  So, always room for one more!  Which lead me to purchase mesoestetic collagen 360º eye cream during a recent shopping spree at Face the Future.

mesoestetic 360 eye cream
I hadn’t heard of mesoestetic before, the hook for me was the collagen angle and that this eye cream says it helps to stimulate the production of collagen, plus the reviews sounded good.  You can read more about mesoestetic on their website.
The packaging is good and I like the space age silver container you get 15ml in a pump dispenser.  You don’t need to use very much, it isn’t a greasy texture but I do have quite a greasy eye area, so for me a full pumps worth was too much.  Depressing the pump half way gives me half the amount which is perfect.  I dot it around the eye area and then pat it gently in – any left goes along my top lip line.  I often apply eye cream to my top lip line as the skin here is quite thin and I am starting to get some vertical lip lines – which are a part of getting older I know and maybe too much puckering up in my youth!?

mesoestetic 360 eye cream


Why chooses an eye cream with collagen?

Collagen – we all have it but it reduces in your skin from 20! yep that’s right, however you are unlikely to notice any difference in your skin until you get past your mid 30’s so don’t spend your youth fretting about it.  Try not to smoke, eat well (avoid too much sugar and processed food) and use an SPF.  I take my own advice (now) and as you may know am on a bit of a mission to get more collagen into my body (eating/drinking it) and skin (skincare).

Reduction in collagen in the skin results in skin that is less firm, and less springy, which in turn means it is thinner and along with sagging fine lines become permanent and deeper, turning into wrinkles.

Mesoestetic collagen 360º 

I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and am impressed to a degree.  I haven’t noticed any difference to my dark circles and it has no SPF, however my eye area does look smoother and the fine lines I feel are less visible on my resting face.  Of course when I smile they are still there but this is the mechanics of my face so unavoidable.

I am going to carry on using it, and not chuck it in the eye cream graveyard with the rest – which is good news for me and my pocket.

I may well investigate the mesoestetic range as there are other products in the collagen 360º range.

To summarise it doesn’t tick all the boxes but it ticks box number 1 (get rid of the lines) which is top of my list.

All for now ? BeautyBoo44


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