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October 12, 2019

Black and white image Dead sea Mud mask

I have recently been testing Emblá’s Dead Sea Mud Mask which I was fortunate enough to be gifted for a honest review.

This is a very easy review to write.  The only thing I have struggled with is finding the diacritic , which is the line above the a in Emblá on my keyboard!

Dead Sea Mud Mask

All Emblá products are made with all natural, cruelty-free ingredients. The Dead Sea Mud contains… surprise Dead Sea Mud! plus minerals.

Other ingredients are all listed on the carton.  I understand them all – aloe vera juice, shea butter (to name a couple) apart from the very last one, Xanthan Gum, which is a binder I understand.

The mask itself is a deep grey colour which I assume is the colour of the mud at the Dead Sea, as opposed to the brown mud of Hampshire.Jar of mud mask with lid off showing contents and grey colour

Being a mud mask this dries on the skin and is a deep cleanser – drawing out the gunk and junk from your pores.

Application is easy and it feels cool on application.  Personally I like to apply these type of masks with a spatular as it saves it getting under my nails.  If you haven’t got a mask spatular, consider one.

Once applied you can of course lie back and relax or happily potter about the house as I tend to – it’s not going to go anywhere (but then neither should you!)

Apply your mask as thick or thinly as you like.  Wait for it to dry and then gently rinse it away.

close up of jar of dead sea mask, box in background, metal letter E in foreground


My skin type is normal to dry (but I still get spots).  This mask leaves it feeling clean and purified but also not dried out or stripped.  It also has a very faint fragrance that I really like – which I expect is the calendula oil that it contains.

Emblá state you can use it every 3-4 days but it depends on your skin, once a week is right for mine.

You can purchase Emblá (rrp £10.95) via Amazon ?Shop Here


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*gifted product, affliated adverts

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