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August 18, 2019

Cellulite – grrr. The one product I have used over the decades has been Elancyl and I have written about it before.

Whatever my shape has been over the years – thin, skinny, just right, plumper – it has always been a bit more bumpy than I would like.

My cellulite bothers me – it shouldn’t, it’s really not that important but it does.

Elancyl whilst it doesn’t offer a cure – I am convinced that it together with the act of massage does help improve and smooth things.

Slim Massage and Slimming Gel

A New Glove

My usual Elancyl routine consists of the application of Activ Massage Minceur (Activ Slimming Massage) via the Massage Glove – read more HERE

Massage Glove open and massage gel by Elancyl

Recently whilst stocking up I noticed a new kind of massage device from Elancyl which they call the Slim Massage which comes with a full-size gel so I thought I would step things up and purchased it for £31.50 at www.cocooncenter.co.uk

Elancyl Slimming Gel and Slimming Massage glove

New kid on the butt!

The Slim Massage works on the same principle as the glove as in you fill it with gel and massage away.

But overall I don’t like it as much as my original glove.

For a start, it doesn’t fit so well in my hand and becomes a bit of a slippery little sucker in the shower and I have dropped it a few times.In hand Slimming Massage Glove bottom view

It all feels and looks a bit flimsy and I am not sure that the massage part is as effective. However, the design is meant to be innovative and the paddles are meant to lift and pummel my skin… but I’m not convinced that is the case.

It is also worth noting that there are two versions of this device which look very similar. The one I have is called the Slimming Massage.

Elancyl also has a product called the Slim Massage Coach (about £60) which is an electronic device which you connect with an App.

I haven’t tried that and doubt I will as so far of the two gloves I now have, I still prefer my original one and I’ll stick to what I know.

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