Egg White Bubble Cleanser by MIZON

Korean beauty products

I’ve been reading a lot about Korean beauty products and the brand MIZON seem to come up a lot. So I was really Eggcited! to receive this cleanser from Cult Beauty

You get 150ml and I paid ยฃ19.00 so will have to see how long it lasts and then do the beauty maths for value for money – I will be using this once a day and once it runs out will update this post with the Beauty Maths and my overall rating  ie. would I buy it again?  Comes in a carton with English instructions etc on the side, no instructions on the bottle itself but not really needed but personally I always read the labels, it’s all part of the fun of trying something new.  The box says 3 to 4 pumps  – I do a double cleanse so use 1 pump each time, and its plenty.  It does not smell eggy!!  Pleasant perfume smell, just enough, any more would be a tad to much, not a natural smelling product, but I do like the smell.  Really creamy I like the texture, creamy not foamy.  I have a Clarisonic but think it would be almost too creamy for that. 

I’ve been using it for a week and no breakouts, or signs of any white heads.  It does take off all my foundation but not my eye make up.  I have tried it gently on my eyes and it shifted some of it but not all – but I do wear smudge proof eyeliner and mascara.

A week in and I am enjoying it.  I’m really interested in the brand MIZON so will be reviewing some more of their products soon.

Do please let me know if you have tried any.


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