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Don’t forget the SPF* ?

September 25, 2017

After the days of summer have gone

Sun protection, it’s not just for those sunny days or when you are on holiday.  One of the best things I feel I have ever done for my skin is to wear an SPF every day.
I started to use sun protection back in the 80’s when I was about 15.  Back then you didn’t get skincare with added SPF so I used to apply a sun cream for babies by Hawaiian Tropic ‘Baby Faces and Tender Places’.
Times have moved on and we are all used to finding SPF in skincare and make up – which is great.  However you shouldn’t just rely on the SPF protection in your foundation or regular moisturiser – it might not be enough – my advice is to ramp up the factor and layer it on.
Read below to find out how my current routine goes…

Ah Skincare* Pro Age Eye Cream SPF 25

I was so grateful to receive this eye cream to try.  SPF in eye cream isn’t that common, which I find odd as the skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of your face.

This lovely product from Ah Skincare is a blessing for me and a real find, an eye cream with a decent SPF of 25 ?

A little goes a long way,  I’ve been using this since June and it is only just coming to an end, 5 months later.

I apply it each morning.  Along with the SPF it also contains carefully thought out natural ingredients to fight dark circles and wrinkles.  Non greasy, easily absorbed and I like the airless pump too so the product stays pure,  a very easy way to protect my delicate eye area from those rays.

Click HERE if you would like to read my post on some other Ah Skincare products, or you can find out even more from Ah Skincare themselves.

Tropic Skincare* Tinted Skin Shade SPF 50

I started using Tinted Skin Shade back in the summer and you can read my full review HERE.

Now the days are getting shorter I don’t always apply this as it does give my face a slight colour, so it depends really on how pale I am looking – or how not pale I want to look!

Of course you could use it all year round, and with the SPF of 50 you wouldn’t need to add any other sort of sun protection on top.

I like the fact that it is natural mineral sun care and it blends really easily and gives a good enough coverage for me to forsake foundation.

I also have a pot of their Sun Balm (SPF50) which is always in my handbag – great for applying to my nose, back of my hands etc and Mr Beauty Boo when I can catch him!

You can see the full range of Tropic products on their website –

Ultrasun Lip Protection SPF 30

Lips get thinner and less plump with age – sun damage adds to this, or at least could escalate things.

Some people can get addicted to lip balm, I am addicted to using my Utlrasun Lip Protection.  I apply it each morning.  Makes sense of course to try to reapply it during the day.

It’s not scented, coloured or flavoured and makes a nice base for lipstick.

This balm has blackcurrant seed oil so keeps your lips nice and soft and protects them against dehydration, chapping etc.

Brush on Block SPF 30

Brush on Block – I love this powder and have been using it for such a long time – and I apply it every day, regardless.

You can apply it anywhere, and I do.  It’s a mineral powder which you can dust all over your face – even your eyelids.  It’s colourless,  gives a lovely finish, I doubt you would even notice I was wearing it (however if you like to highlight, apply that after).

You might notice from the picture that the packaging looks a bit worn – which it is, it used to say Brush On Block – now it just says ON!  The reason is you can buy refills, you unscrew the bottom part and keep the main part which has the brush on.

The quality of the brush is really good – it never sheds, and you can clean it with a wipe – I wouldn’t recommend washing the whole thing.

SPF not just for sunny days – but everyday

*post includes PR samples

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