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December 18, 2017

castaway beauty must haves

Desert Island Discs, in case you don’t already know is a BBC Radio 4 programme where each guest, called a ‘castaway’ is asked to choose eight recordings that they would like to take with them to their desert island.

Music aside I started to think, if I too were castaway to a far flung island, what would I have to take with me from my rather extensive beauty collection?

Not an easy decision but read below for my essential eight Desert Island Beauty must haves:

SPF Sun Protection

I am assuming it is going to be a sunny island, but even it it wasn’t this would be on my list.

A couple of recent finds and favourites are AH Skincare which do an SPF specifically for the delicate eye area, and Tropic Skincare tinted Skin Shade for the face.


Face Oil

You can use a face oil whatever the weather, it is great to seal in moisture on the skin.

I find it particularly comforting to use on my dry skin.  I love this one from Luna Kloris as not only is it packed with wonderful ingredients but it smells d-i-v-i-n-e.

Leave in hair treatment

Could not go a hair wash day without using Wella Elements leave in conditioning spray, just wish it had an SPF added but a hat is always an good option.

Lip balm

If you are going to apply one make sure it has a built in SPF to keep lips soft and protected.  I have only just started using one of these this year, don’t know why it took me so long!

I am currently using a colourless one by Ultrasun (SPF 30).

Korres make a lovely tinted lip balm, my favourite shade is pink (can be used as a blusher too).

Water bottle

It’s important to keep hydrated and water is such a simple way to get the best skin possible.

No drinking out of a coconut for me though!  I would have to keep my H2O in a BKR water bottle – stylish, portable and not plastic.


Hawaiian Tropic body spritz as they aren’t too heavy and I need to keep the tropical theme going!



I would want to take my whole make up case of course, however if I could only take one item it would be mascara, as without it my eyes disappear.

I have tried soooo many but have finally found ‘the one’ Estée Launder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara (the one with the gold top) in black, unbeatable in my book, even in the heat – it’s a keeper.

Sun glasses

They cover up the fine lines, eye bags and can also double up as a hair band (instant face lift anyone?)

Invest in a good pair and they should last you years.
I purchased a Prada pair for £80 15 years ago  (a hefty amount then) which are still going strong.


So they you have it my 8 Desert Island Beauty must haves.
If you were castaway what would you take???

???This will be my last Post of 2017, due to the Holidays my next post will be published on Monday 8th Jan 2018.

I hope you all have a wonderful time – loves …

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