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June 2, 2021

I haven’t written a skincare post for a while – I’ve digressed recently as my life has been taken over by house renovations.  Whilst it has been exciting (but would I do it again… No!) it has played havoc with my skincare and self care routine.  A mixture of not being able to find stuff, store stuff and at times no bedroom or bathroom.  I feel I have some good excuses but have to confess to:-

  • not always removing my make up
  • my nails are shot and my nail varnish on my toes grew out!
  • exploiting the use of dry shampoo
  • neglecting my razor and tweezers
  • skipped on eye cream, serum, neck cream, hand cream etc
  • had days when I thought – “Did I brush my teeth?!?”
  • over ate all the bad stuff and none of the good which resulted in too much sugar which is so so very bad for collagen (and a good nights sleep).

All of the above have taken their toll and when someone recently said I had aged in the last year;  whilst I found it hurtful I also had to agree.

However the one thing I have done every single and often dark, wet miserable day is… wear sunscreen.  So whilst my skin has lost it’s glow, is blotchy and saggy, and I look sad… I don’t seem to have developed any new fine lines wrinkles … this year.

Which Sunscreen?

I always plump for the highest SPF I can find and err towards Sun Block rather than Sun Protection.  However I don’t want to look like I am wearing any and more often than not I apply make up on top.

I don’t sun bathe.  For me wearing SPF is not to get a tan but to avoid changing colour completely – it’s a case of keeping pale and hopefully sometimes interesting.  SPF 50+is my factor of choice.


I’ve used Delph products before, – simply put they work, smell great a lovely lemon fragrance and sit well under my makeup.  They also do Aftersun products as featured in the 2021 Beauty Bible Awards.

I give them 10 out of 10.

Staycation at #Bungalow House

This year my SPF 50 High protection Delph Sun Block is  firmly based in the UK (no foreign holidays this year).

However the garden is looking rather lovely so here is Delph in the garden – enjoy.


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