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June 24, 2019

Recently I was sent a couple of Sun Care products by Delph to accompany me on holiday to Italy.

I was really excited to be going back to Italy (just 2 hours from Southampton Airport) and taking Delph with me to Lake Garda.  If you are a regular reader you will know that I always wear sun screen.Delph Sun lotion SPF 15 and After Sun

Delph offer their sun protection in 3 strengths – SPF15, 30 and 50.  All give you UVA and UVB protection and none of their products are tested on animals – all are cruelty free and vegan.

Their sun lotions are all water resistant and should be fine for a couple of 20 minute swims.
Unlike a lot of sun lotions out there they don’t smell of coconut but have a light lemon fragrance which was apt as I was staying in the beautiful resort of Limone (Lemon in Italian).Limone Lake Garda, Italy

No ouch!

If you are serious about sun protection you need to make sure that you apply it evenly and the majority of sun lotions need reapplication about every 1-2 hours.

Delph comes in 150ml tubes and is a lotion rather than a liquid so it’s easy to take with you and top up when necessary.

Sun lotion once opened does have a shelf life generally of about 12 months.  In the EU the PAO (period after opening) or best before is indicated on the packaging.  So you need to replace your sun lotion every year.

Good news ! Delph products do offer excellent value for money, the RRP (as at June 2019) is:

£2.79 (SPF15)
£3.39 (SPF30)
£4.49 (SPF50)

So no excuses to use out of date products! No ouch to your skin (or pocket).

Let’s cool things down

after sun lotion

Delph also offer a couple of aftersun options – a cooling gel with Aloe Vera and a Lotion with Vitamin E.

If you are suffering with a touch of over exposure a decent After Sun (along with a cool bath) is going to be your best mate.

great post leg shaving and equally as good as a light easily absorbed hand cream

Plus of course we know that burnt skin is going to start peeling sooner or later and that tanned skin will in time fade away.  After Sun can help with the dreaded peeling and will prolong the life of your tan.

I really like the texture and fragrance of the After Sun Lotion I have.

Whilst I didn’t burn on holiday,  at only £1.49 for a 150ml tube this is such excellent value and makes for a lovely moisturiser.  I do try and drink more water in the heat but I still notice that my skin becomes more dehydrated than I would like.

This has proved to be great with getting the softness back to my skin.

Also great post leg shaving and equally as good as a light easily absorbed hand cream.

Like sun tan lotion this doesn’t need to be reserved just for holidays.

Why not tan?

We all have different reasons for a get away – to relax, explore, adventure etc etc. However one of mine isn’t to get a sun tan!

For me with my very pale skin to tan safely (which means zero burning) would just take too long a  time.

Plus I don’t really enjoy lying in the sun, it tends to give me a headache and I am paranoid about getting burnt – I would rather abstain.

I am a serial shade seeker on holiday, happy when people look surprised to hear I have been away!

Good to know

Suitable for all ages | Sun Lotion contains oxybenzone | PAO 12 months | Made in England
Cruelty Free | Vegan ?| Dermatologically Tested

You can purchase Delph at Chemist DirectDeph Sun care duo

*gifted products


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