December 2016 : YouBeauty Box

Beauty Boxes the all year round gift – to me 🙂

As you may already know I have recently subscribed back (after a short break to Birchbox) to the You Beauty Box.

Personally I think that the You Beauty Box is one of the best out there for a few reasons:

  • The price includes P&P
  • You can sign up and get monthly beauty treats from £6.95*
  • No repeats – well not to my knowledge anyway
  • And most importantly for me YOU get to decide what you want in the box – I know other beauty boxes get you to fill in a profile so they can ‘tailor’ your box, but I treat this with a bit of scepticism.
  • Every month you get a couple of extra treats, so there is an element of surprise.
  • Oh yes and it really is a box – and a decent size one.
* Membership options:
  • Bronze £6.95 – pick 2 products
  • Silver £8.95 – pick 3 products (my membership)
  • Gold £10.95 – pick 4 products

Contents of my December box

My choices from the December ‘Shortlist’


Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Hydrate Conditioner 50ml

Pureology – a brand I already know and I use their Perfect for Platinum Miracle Filler treatment, a leave in treatment that fills gaps in the hair cuticle,  so I was pleased to get this duo.  Sulphate free, 100% vegan moisturising formula that hydrates hair. (my hair? dry and over processed).  Scented with ylang ylang and patchouli.

The shampoo is a light purple colour, similar shade to the bottle, very creamy and you only need a little.  Nice smell, not sure I could smell the ylang ylang (one of my favourites scents) or the patchouli but pleasant fragrance none the less.

The conditioner is uber thick (white not purple) so again a little went a long way.  Could definitely smell the patchouli in this as the fragrance is minty and I noticed my hair still smelt fresh the next day.

My hair certainly felt hydrated after drying, I may well go on and buy these in full size.

Foreo Night Cleanser a whopping 100ml

Foreo – a new brand to me.  This night cleanser claims to detoxify and smooth.  It starts off like a gel (green/grey colour) and then melts into a milk.  You apply it to a dry face and wet your face and then massage.  The instructions say with your LUNA device – I don’t have a LUNA so used the Clairsonic.  It cleaned my skin well and had a pleasant fragrance.

I have also tried this without the Clairsonic and it works just as well.  In fact as it turns into a milk (rather than a foam) when you add water my preference is to not use the Clairsonic.  It does feel a little strange to add the product to your dry face, but I am starting to remember.  As I said earlier this is a great size and it is going to last for ages.  The more I use it the more I like it and the smell.

I looked up this product on the Foreo website and this product would cost £30 so really good to find this in a beauty box that cost £8.95.

Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil 5ml

This is an oil rather than a serum, however I have been using it in place of my serum in the evening.  It is rich, you need just  2/3 drops which I then massage into my skin concentrating on the bits that need boosting (so all of it basically!).


Contains verified organic oils to boost dull and lacklustre skin, it’s a pleasure to use.

December Extra treats

15% gift card for Feel Unique
NARCISO Eau de Parfum sample

Now I haven’t checked but am assuming that all of the products are available at Feel Unique so this gift card could come in handy however I was little disappointed with the extra treats this month, you usually get two actual products, rather than a product and a gift card.

The gift card is valid until May 2017.

The perfume sample is nice – hubby remarked on it, and being perfume it has lasted really well, I can even still smell it myself!

Very impressed by the December box – thanks You Beauty and look forward to my New Year Box.


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