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May 10, 2020

I love beauty. Love trying out new products and having those ‘How did I get by without this?’ moments.  Whilst I enjoy keeping up with trends there are a handful of products that I stick with as I feel they are classic and for whatever reason in my book  can’t be bettered.

Unfortunately it isn’t my opinion that really matters to big business and on occasions my hero products are axed as the discontinued bell tolls.

CYO This Line’s a Keeper Eyeliner

Only last week I posted about a couple of my make up heroes – Estee Launder Double Wear Mascara and CYO This Line’s a Keeper – which ironically no longer is.

I have just found this out (by trying to repurchase).  It is sold out online and not to return.

I first came to purchase This Line’s a Keeper to replace Number 17 Tattoo eyeliner which had been the only liquid eyeliner in my kit for a number of years.  When I heard that Boots were to discontinue this (and the whole of the Number 17 range) I was concerned but fortunately CYO came along at the same time.  So that transition was painless, I thought at the time how fortunate I was to find a replacement that was just as good as the Tattoo liner

It’s only an Eyeliner

I know it’s just makeup and it isn’t like liquid eyeliner isn’t hard to come by.  Every range has at least one and always in black so just go out and buy another one, and move on!

If only it were that easy.  Whilst I would no doubt think this for the majority of make up, eyeliner and mascara are my problem products.  For some reason or other the majority of these products just do not last, they smudge, smear or fade to grey on me.

All I want is a mascara that stays all day and a liner that keeps it flick and stays a true black..

I’ve written to CYO to ask them if they are planning to launch a replacement product but sadly to date they have not replied.  Not sure why companies allow you to direct message them if they are going to ignore you.  IF I get a reply I shall update this post.

Anyway, all of this whinging leaves me in the position of what to do to replace the CYO eyeliner when it runs out?

As of now I really don’t know and also due to Coronavirus can’t get into any stores to try out likely replacements…

I’ve read some reviews that MAC liquid last eyeliner may be a contender.  It’s about 3 times more expensive than the CYO one (which was a bargain at £5.00)  – however if it works it will be worth it.

Other possibilities – at the moment there are none – if you have any suggestions please let me know.





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  • Reply
    Clamity J
    January 8, 2021 at 7:02 pm

    The CYO TLAK was not just an eyeliner. It was amazing. I could keep it on for 3 days with a slight touch up. I have just been trying the tattoo black eye liner from Avon and it’s the normal smudgy eye rubbish that I had to put up pre CYO.
    I am gutted, I can’t imagine why another company has bought the product specs!
    In the meantime I am back to trying to get the old habit back (that I used to have) of regularly wiping under my eyes to remove smudge

    • Reply
      March 17, 2021 at 2:56 pm

      I feel your pain – although it is kind of nice to hear from someone who has the same issues as me! It can be a bit depressing when I look at other girls (and some boys) with perfect eyeliner all day – and ask them what they use and they just use any old thing!!

      PS sorry not to reply sooner and thanks for reading

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