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May 20, 2019

Cyclax are a classic skincare range and one of the oldest, established in 1896 – you can read more about their heritage here.

My mum had lovely skin and used Cyclax skincare products.I remember seeing the purple bottles and jars in her make up cupboard (which was also one of the kitchen cupboards).  Mum knew that skincare was a daily essential.

As a skincare addict I think I can sometimes be guilty of over complicating things and maybe overloading my skin. ? I’ve dabbled with K-Beauty skincare steps but don’t think I would ever go as far as Kim K’s 17 step ritual.

Fortunately Cyclax have come along and reminded me of the classic 3 skincare steps via the Moistura skincare range:

  • Cleanse/Tone
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisturiser

Cyclax 2 in 1 Cleanser/Toner

Cyclax Cleanser and Toner plus Exfoliator

Part of the Moistura range, this is a very effective pleasantly scented product that easily removes make up. I don’t use it for my eye make up however as it says to avoid this area.

It feels really refreshing on my skin, leaves it clean and with no residue and there’s definitely no need for a toner.

There are some ingredients on there that I don’t understand but Cyclax give all the info on their website

Like all Cyclax products it’s made in the UK.

Gentle Facial Exfoliator

This product is suitable for daily use as it is ultra gentle.

This is mechanical exfoliation, and by that I mean the product and you do the work.

Whilst I do rate a lot of the chemical exfoliations out there – your cotton wool is often drinking up a lot of your product.

Cyclax have come along and reminded me of the classic 3 skincare steps

As you would expect it feels slightly gritty (walnut shells) which helps with the dead skin sloughing, but it is not scratchy thanks to Shea Butter.  It also contains Green Tea extract to help give your skin a de-tox.

The instructions say apply to a damp face which I do, however I have recently had a stubborn spot on my cheek which has been getting some extra treatment.  I have been applying a tiny amount of this direct to my grumpy spot and ever so gently tried to rub him away.

Super Rich Moisturising Lotion

At first I thought I might not like this as I thought the word rich might also mean thick!

This moisturiser is in fact super light, a lovely piglet pink colour and a very pleasant scent.

I really love the consistency of this.  It glides easily across my face and neck but leaves no heavy residue just really hydrated skin.

Note – No sunscreen.  Though I don’t think it’s a good idea to rely on your skincare/makeup to give you sun protection. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to have it added but  I never tend to rely on ‘added’ sunscreen in products.

I prefer to know my sunscreen is adequate so I top this off with my fab BB Lifestyle Sunscreen (SPF30+)

I started using these three Cyclax products about a month ago.  And whilst the products are not travel size (a generous 200ml) my skin has been behaving so well I had to take them on holiday with me, they are that good.

To find out more about Cyclax and stockist information please visit:

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    June 4, 2019 at 7:01 am

    I reviewed a couple of Cyclax products including the 2 in 1 cleanser/toner and I love it for my morning cleanse. It certainly was a blast from the past using Cyclax, I remember my Mum and Grandma using the brand many years ago. I enjoyed reading your thoughts, thank you xx

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