Custard Cream*

August 24, 2019

I don’t think are many problems in life that can’t be lessened by the consumption of a Custard Cream (other biscuits are available!)

The last few weeks have been a bit tough and my diet has been off – way off, I fell off the wagon into the biscuit barrel.

For a number of reasons my confidence has taken a bit of a knock recently and the custard creams have helped to a degree but of course I have put on weight.  Fortunately things have calmed down so it is time to vacate the barrel and get back on track.

New Journal, New Me

You may already be aware that a few years ago I lost a fair amount of weight with the help of Weight Watchers and by tracking my food via a food journal.

Two or so years on I still try and write down what I eat every day and most of the time use the slightly out of date Weight Watchers Smart Points system.

To cheer myself up and also to prove to myself that I am a creative I set myself a mini project to design some new A5 inserts for my Filofax – keep reading for Free Download.

Top section

There’s a box for the date and a number grid to keep track of points.

I try and limit myself to 30 points a day, so that number is ringed.  With Weight Watchers you get a lot of zero points foods – vegetables, most fruits etc. so 30 points is quite achievable.

Middle section

The diary part is where I list what I have eaten.

I’ve also added  a couple of extra blank boxes. Rightly or wrongly I like to weigh myself every day so I record that in the top box.

The second bigger box I use to keep a record of my exercise – dog walk, run, dancing etc.

Bottom section

A couple of boxes to tick off the fruit and vegetables I eat.

Weekly boxes as with Weight Watchers I get a weekly allowance of extra points, 28, so I keep a record here.

End of week page

I log those daily weights and then work out the average then tick whichever of the Gain, Loss, Maintain boxes is applicable.

Then a big section to write down my thoughts on how the week went and any plans for the next one.

The bunny with the balloon is a doodle of mine and he appears on every page.

Here is the the link to the inserts – all set up to be printed double sided for an A5 filofax.

And finally…  if you do Weight Watchers you might like to know that one Custard Cream is…  2 points, which is a lot less than I thought ?

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