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proto-col Collagen Serum*

July 17, 2017

I ? Collagen – and so should you

proto ol collagen serum

Oh if I could throw myself into a bath of collagen I would – well I might!  Actually thinking about it I don’t think I would,  it could get a bit messy!

Luckily for me then (and you) proto-col have produced a skincare range named Collagen Technology which includes this gorgeous Collagen Serum which I have recently been trying out.

In case you don’t already know, collagen production slows down from *sigh* about 25….
Collagen helps to keep your skin looking good – firm, smooth, radiant etc.

So along with drinking lots of water, wearing SPF ? (every day) and not smoking, incorporating skincare products with collagen in them makes sense to me.

First Impressions

proto-col collagen serum

The packaging is very smart and the carton in a dark royal blue with silver writing looks very high end.

proto-col collagen serum
proto-col collagen serum

Inside the box the collagen serum itself is beautifully presented – with a glossy silver pump action top which you can lock into the open position.

Good to know, you can see how much product is left through the opaque glass bottle.

Twice daily application

As this is a serum it is designed to be used after cleansing but before your moisturiser.

I have been using the serum morning and evening and applying it to my neck and face, using light upward strokes.

The amount in the picture below is enough for my face and neck.

proto-col collagen serum

This serum with quinoa (which can help skin elasticity and cell regeneration) is a lovely lightweight fluid that nourishes, protects, hydrates and firms.

It contains collagen (obvs!) which is plant-based but also amongst other ingredients Vitamin C which works well with collagen (if you are looking for a product with collagen in it look for Vitamin C too).  Hop on over to the proto-col website if you want to find out more.

Suitable for all skin types, I certainly found it had a hydrating effect and is such a lovely silky
texture, it is a pleasure to use.

proto col collagen serum

Why not check out the rest of the proto-col skincare range?  And why not read my review of their Microdermabrasion with crushed diamonds and pearls?

For now, hold onto that collagen and keep your glow on.

*post includes a PR sample

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