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September 4, 2017

Collagen Beauty Milk

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that collagen plays a big part of my beauty & skincare regime.

I have been trying (and reviewing) a number of collagen drinks, which if you like you can catch up here.

Collagen Beauty Milk

Collagen Beauty Milk – as the name suggests, this is a milk based product.  So along with collagen it has other nutritional benefits, plus you can mix things up a bit and cook with it.

Each 200ml bottle has all the nutritional information on the back – 112 calories per bottle and if you are on weight watchers I can tell you it is 4 points ?

Collagen Beauty Milk currently comes in one flavour, strawberry which you can drink straight from the bottle (best served chilled).

The taste is very pleasant, what you would expect really, strawberry flavoured milk but with the added bonus of 5,000mg of collagen to help your skin, hair and nails.

Also a good dose of Vitamins B, C & E (vitamin C and collagen are always a great combo).

It also contains 50mg of green tea extract.  Now I hate tea, any sort, green, builders, fruit, peppermint but am pleased to report this milk has no tea like taste whatsoever ?

Green tea is an antioxidant which can help speed up your metabolism, so I am very happy that I have now found a way to drink it without the tea taste.

Collagen Beauty Milk info card

On the diet front too, this milk (which is produced by The Protein Drinks Company aka UFit) has 11.9g of protein in it, so it helps to fill you up.


In case you don’t already know, we all have it, but production drops from… about *sigh* 25 .  However you are unlikely to really notice the decrease until you are well into your 30’s.

What are the signs? fine lines, wrinkles, skin firmness, lack lustre etc.  Which are all part of getting older I suppose.  However getting collagen into your body to top up the dropping levels seems like a very good idea to me, so HURRAY! for collagen drinks and now Collagen Milk.

Collagen Milk – choices, choices..

So you can put your Collagen Milk in the fridge, give it a shake and drink it – that is all very easy and straightforward.  Drink it straight from the bottle or pour it in a glass the choice is yours.

Collagen Beauty Milk in bottle just shaken
Collagen Beauty Milk poured into the glass

However, because this is a milk  you can add other ingredients to it to make a smoothie, pudding or even bake and make some cookies!

So far I have tried making:

Strawberry & Banana smoothie ? ? 

  • 200ml Collagen Beauty Milk
  • 1 banana
  • 5 strawberries

Blend together with a hand held blender – drink.

This made a really nice smoothie that I had at about 10am, kept me nice and content until lunchtime.

Strawberry and banana smoothie made with collagen beauty milk

Strawberry Angel Delight with Banana ??? – makes 4

Collagen Beauty Milk and Strawberry sugar free angel delight

Pour the milks into a basin, sprinkle the Angel Delight on top and whisk until thick.  Divide into 4 dishes and allow to set.

The Angel Delight packet said add 300ml milk so this is where I got the measurement from, however it didn’t make a lot, so once set I stirred in 30g of crème fraîche into each serving.

Topped it off with banana and a few strawberries.

Tasted divine! and still a low fat pud, yum.

I am loving cooking with collagen, but equally enjoy drinking it neat straight from the fridge.

Why not add Collagen to your shopping list?

However you decide to take it Collagen Beauty Milk is great (providing you like the taste of strawberry and are OK with milk of course).

You can purchase direct from the Collagen Beauty Milk website, or other retailers for example Tesco.

Collagen tastes good, makes you look good – what’s not to ❤️ ?

How do you enjoy your collagen?

Are you a collagen fan – please let me know how you take yours, leave me a comment below.

*Post includes a PR sample

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