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June 5, 2019

CODE Beautiful Lip Liner & Lip Plumper : Review and ? Give-away ?

Code Beautiful Lip Liner and Lip PlumperI always wear lip liner partnered with some type of lipstick, lipgloss or a tinted lip balm.  Making up my mouth is my favourite part of my make up routine.  Probably because I feel my lips are my best feature, however I have started to notice that they are not a plump as they once were.

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Personally I don’t think lip plumping via needles is for me… however, a Lip Gloss that plumps and gives colour? Oh yes please.

Recently CODE Beautiful sent me a couple of their fab lip products to try.  I am super happy with them,  I’ve been using them every day.

I really like them, and I’m sure you will too, and I am also giving you a chance to win both products, so please read on.

SSL Lip Liner

SSL?? Soft Smooth Lip Liner (rrp £18).

I generally try and avoid lip liners that I have to sharpen and I insist on a soft liner (a scratchy lip liner ends up in the bin).SSL Lip Liner by Code BeautifulSSL Lip liner NibThis lip liner is soft and smooth, plus you don’t even need to twist it up, the mere action of taking the lid off does the work for you.

It only comes in one colour and CODE say it is the perfect shade for everyone.  I can’t vouch for the world but I can say it is perfect for me – really natural.

lips lined with SSL

CODE Beautiful SSL Lip Liner on bare lips

I always line my lips and define the edges.  Plus like me if you are concerned about your lipstick feathering (bleeding into those nasty vertical lip lines) this one does a great job as a barrier between lip outline and skin.

It makes a very nice matt base if you fill in your whole mouth too and if you apply a lipstick etc on top it will definitely help to lock it in.

Oh yes, last but not least – it’s an award winner!

Win The Fabulous Lip Duo From Code Beautiful #19

Lip Intense Plumper

This Lip Plumper is also an award winner and has a real hero product when it comes to skin care – hyaluronic acid, (which in case you don’t know is a great skin (and lip) hydrator).Lip Intense Lip PlumperAgain this comes in just one universal natural colour. It gives all of the plump but without the ouch, and for lips like mine that are getting a little thinner  it helps to get that youthful pout back, which is worth smiling about.

lips lined with SSL lip liner and filled with Lip Intense Plumper

Lined with SSL Lip Liner, filled with Lip Intense Plumper

As you would expect it is the perfect match to the liner, but you can of course use it alone or on top of your favourite lipstick to add a subtle glaze and dimension.

It contains an ingredient, Hilurlip, which CODE Beautiful state “redefines the natural contours of your lips”.

On application you get a slight minty flavour and like some other lip plumpers it tingles (ever so slightly) for a short time.

Unlike many lip glosses it lasts a good while and is not at all sticky.  I find it gives a nice natural gloss without being too glassy or ‘in your face’.

You can purchase it (along with the liner) via Amazon (rrp £20)

Great to know – both products are 100% Vegan and of cruelty free ??

To Buy:

SSL Lip Liner:

Lip Intense Plumper:

? Competition Time ?

I am running a giveaway, from 5th June -26th June 2019 where you can win both the SSL Lip Liner AND the Intense Lip Plumper – just click on the link below?

Win The Fabulous Lip Duo From Code Beautiful #19

*I was kindly gifted these products

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