CND Vinylux polish – the icing on the cake*

April 30, 2018

CND the brand behind Shellac™ (and it still feels sooo wrong to put normal shoes straight back on after a pedicure) also do a weekly at home polish range – CND Vinylux.

The Vinylux range of at home polishes offer long lasting and chip resistant colours for your fingers and toes.

CND Vinylux weekly polish pink and yellow

A simple two step system which not only gives you great chip resistant colour but also nail care. Infused with keratin, jojoba oil and vitamin E, to help keep your nails flexible and hydrated.

Perfectly on trend and in time for spring, CND have four new sugar pastel colours in their range.

CND Vinylux spring 2018 range
  • Candied – a sugar pink
  • Jellied – a yellow cream
  • Taffy – light pastel duck egg blue
  • Gummi – a solid pastel lilac cream

I’ve been having a play with Candied (pink) and Jellied (Yellow)

CND Vinylux Candied and Jellied Reach for the starts Old English Company coaste

The Vinylux process

CND Vinylux weekly colour and top coat

As with any manicure make sure your nails are perfectly polish free, clean and dry.  You don’t need and should not apply any kind of base coat.

Step 1 – Colour
Give the bottle a really good shake and off you go.  Apply the colour, and a thin coat.  The colour went on really easily – the brush is a nice fat little chap and due to its ergonomic design really hugged my nails.

One coat already looked good but even better with the (recommended) second coat.

I waited about 5 mins between coats and then about 2 minutes before…

Step 2 – Top Coat
This goes on looking like clear nail varnish but is your top coat and sealer to lock in the polish.

After about 10 minutes I felt the varnish was dry enough to move!  And it must have been as I noticed the next day there were zero smudges etc which is a bit of a first for me.

Vinylux range of at home polishes offer long lasting and chip resistant colours for your fingers and toes

Below is a picture of Candied on my nails the morning after – so technically Day 2 (which was a Monday in case you need to know).

CND Vinylux weekly colour and top coat Candied Pink

Hardworking hands

Like you my hands are pretty much on the move all the time – housework, typing, gardening (it is spring), dog stroking, cooking etc.

I do try and take care of may nails and manicure of course (i.e. no nail biting, picking cuticles etc) but once my colour is applied I like to be able to forget about it.

CND Vinylux Candied pink and Jellied yellow polish, Old English Company make up bag

I kept my nails pink until Friday so 6 days but can confirm they were still looking good.  Out of the two colours I was drawn to the pink, but it is my favourite colour so I had no choice!

I applied it to my toes as well and 2 weeks on – no chips.

I think the pink shade really suits my pale colouring, and the yellow will look great in the summer when I have a bit of colour (fake tan of course).

You can find the Vinylux range (more colours and top coat, £10.95) at www.cultbeauty or from a pro salon via


PS. The make up bag, coasters and mirrors are from
PPS. Three french fancies were harmed in the making of this post!

* post includes PR samples

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