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August 4, 2019

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Over the past couple of months I have been trying some new treatment skincare products by Clinogen – Oxypeel Foaming Milk & Treatment Cream plus Zap-it.

What initially pepped my interest in Clinogen Oxypeel is the oxygen therapy angle which helps with ageing skin – uneven skin tone, open pores etc.

In fact the products address a wide spectrum of skin issues.  Oxypeel is good for acne prone and ‘problem’ skin.  And whilst I don’t have acne (these days) my skin does have issues!

I still get occasional angry hormonal spots plus I suffer from milia and when I do get a spot it takes ages to clear and the evidence does not fade away.

The idea of a skincare system that could help to address these to give me a clear and more even complexion – at home – appeals.

Oxypeel Foaming MilkOxypeel foaming milk and brush

This is a cleanser & exfoliator and a little goes a long way. It comes with a Goats Hair brush for application.

Features and benefits:

  • Diminishes the appearance of open pores
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Prevents over-drying with natural humectants
  • Helps maintain skin’s natural moisture levels
  • Does not contain harsh surfactants which strip the skin of its natural oils

Key ingredients:

  • Vitamin A – exfoliating properties, remove dead skin cells
  • Vitamin B – moisturising properties, lock in moisture
  • Oligo proteins – natural plant protein, increase & strengthen elasticity
  • Sage & Rosemary – stimulate and rejuvenate; antiseptic properties

All sounds good and very simple and fun to use!  All you need is to dispense one pumps worth into the cap and then froth it up using the brush (the fun part).

Then it’s a matter of applying the foam to your face, I avoid the eye area but everywhere else gets a foaming plus my neck.  It reminds me of watching my Dad wet shaving – he used to have one of those shaving brushes which I think were made from badger hair…

Once done, rinse away with water and apply the next step – Oxypeel Treatment Cream.

I’ve been using this milk twice a day – it does an excellent job of removing all my make up (not eye) and cleansing my skin without dehydrating it.

The exfoliation properties don’t dry my skin, it just leaves it feeling soft and smooth and over the past couple of months I do feel it has brightened up.

Because this contains Vitamin A I have made sure not to use any other Vitamin A products – there is such a thing as too much exfoliation.

(PS. you don’t have to use the brush – but it is fun).

Oxypeel Treatment

Applied after using the foaming milk, this treatment cream is suitable for any skin type including sensitive.

It helps to regulate the oil/moisture balance in your skin.  This isn’t a moisturiser so after use I top it off with a light moisturiser and SPF for the day.

Over the past couple of months I have noticed that my skin has started to clear but I haven’t suffered with dry flaky skin.

I have had a few tiny pimples on my chin but nothing major plus no new milia have appeared and I am sure that some have lessened to a degree.

A couple of pumps is enough for my face – I’ve been applying it to my cheeks, chin and jawline – not my forehead or eye area.  This is an airless pump which I like.

Clingoen Oxypeel treatment cream, foaming milk and goats hair brush


Zap it

This spot solution is classed as an antimicrobial – it prevents the growth of bacteria and should thereby halt any spot in its tracks.

Unlike some other spot treatments, it heals and nourishes the skin (rather than drying it out).

All well and good BUT I struggled a bit at first with this and thought I was using it wrong.  It comes in a small tube and you are meant to dab it on your spots – don’t rub it in.

I found it difficult to tell if any product was coming out.  The packaging looks like a mini glue stick, it has a fabric-like end that the product should soak through, but I wasn’t convinced it was doing this.

In the end, I pierced an extra hole in the top, maybe not a good idea but it does mean I can tell that the product is coming out and where I have dabbed it!


I have been using the Oxypeel at-home system for its anti-ageing properties and not to treat acne. Clinogen advises that Oxypeel products should not be used in conjunction with any other acne products.

Clinogen products are available from and select clinics and pharmacies nationwide.  Treatments are available at Clinogen, Robin Willis Way, Old Windsor, SL4 2PX and select clinics nationwide.

*Oxypeel Foaming Milk, Treatment Cream and Zap-It were kindly gifted to me

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