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Cellulite My New Weapons!!

May 1, 2017


You may have read my original post about my Cellulite routine? If not you can read it here.

I admit it, I am a little obsessed with a brand I discovered in the 1980s called Elancyl, which you can no longer buy in UK shops (to my knowledge).

Fast forward from the ’80s to now and,  ta-dah! – the joys of online shopping and in particular online pharmacies.

I recently had a mini splurge at one of my favourites online shops,  Pharmeden and purchased two new Elancyl additions to my arsenal of weapons to treat my cellulite and help slay the bumpy stuff.

Cellu Slim Night

This is the opposite of the regular Cellu Slim which you apply in the morning.  Cellu Slim Night Intensive Slimming Care (to give the full name), contains caffeine and ivy extract and is designed as the name implies to be used at night.

Question: Why a special night time cream?

Answer: You know that we are told to not eat too late as the body stores fat during the night?

Well this cream is designed to combat that night time fat making time!?

To use you need to massage Cellu Slim Night into your problems areas (me? – thighs, bottom and tummy) in accordance to the Elancyl Activ’ Slimming Massage method (there is a picture on the inside of the box of the 4 steps to follow – in a nutshell upwards strokes then across and a bit of lithesome gentle skin pummelling thrown in).

In a big 250ml tub, you simply scoop out the amount you need and massage it in, it is easily absorbed and a pleasure to use.  It smells divine, like all the Elancyl products it has a gorgeous spa-like shower fresh smell that  I simply love, love, love.  I love going to bed cocooned in the fragrance which is still there in the morning.

I am already starting to feel the benefits, my skin is feeling a lot smoother and more hydrated.  Also as I really like using it,  this is going to be an easy routine to keep to and I feel good that I am treating some of the more neglected parts of me to a bit of extra TLC.

Eau D’Eclat

This is a body mist with Guarana extract which I thought might be the scent I love so much.  However, a quick bit of research led me to find that is actually a source of caffeine.

In a glass 150ml bottle I spritz this on after my shower.  To be honest the scent doesn’t seem to last that long but I like using it, and it looks pretty in its green bottle.  Also the picture of the model is a bit inspirational!  (I would look that happy too if I were her!!).

I purchased both of my recent Elancyl products from Pharmeden.co.uk.  The parcel came from Greece I think because it had some Greek stamps on it – but get this – 2 days delivery to the UK,
how fast is that?!

Now where did I put my white pants and shirt!!

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