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February 9, 2019

Having a good foundation is what you need to look and feel good.  No, I don’t mean foundation as in make up, what I mean are the basics – healthy skin, happy mind and clean, bouncy hair.

Skin, it’s our biggest organ and puts up with a lot and sometimes unfortunately it shows.

I know when I am stressed, tired or probably both – it really shows in my skin.

A healthy supply of oxygen is essential for skin as it helps with skin renewal.  But as we age (*sigh*) skin renewal slows down..

Add to that a sometimes less than perfect diet, maybe some city living and daily stress – it all takes toll.

Skin needs a BOOST !

Boost Oxygen Beauty

Boost Oxygen Beauty

You now how much better you feel after a walk in the fresh air, and how it shows in your skin?  Exercise increases the blood flow and oxygen in your skin equals happy skin.

What if you could bottle it?

Well not bottled exactly but Boost Oxygen Beauty have canned it and recently I have added Boost Oxygen Beauty to my daily routine.
Boost Oxygen BeautyBoost Beauty Oxygen comes in a lighter than air very smart looking can.  Don’t be fooled if you pick up a can and think it’s empty! Oxygen gas is very light.

The can contains 98% Pure Oxygen with 100% natural Pink Grapefruit and Frankincense aroma.

My 6 litre can (rrp £21.99) should be good for about 150 inhalations.

How to use

Simply put, you breathe it in.

You put the white top over you mouth and press the trigger. You will feel the Oxygen dispense and taste the subtle grapefruit flavour – breath it all in…

You can of course do this wherever and when ever you like.

The can I have is portable but biggish, about 27 cm tall  (it holds 6 litres,  but remember it’s very light weight).Boost Beauty Oxygen

Good to know that Boost also offer a smaller ‘pocket‘ 2 litre size (rrp £14.99).

My Boost

I particularly like the relaxing properties of taking my oxygen in a can.

I’m not sleeping as well as I used to (and I used to be an expert). Nowadays I wake up several times in the night feeling hot and often somewhat anxious.

I have been finding that a couple of inhales of Boost help to calm and c-o-o-l me down. (I’m in my 50’s so in case you hadn’t guessed I’m talking nights sweats, hot flushes – the menopause).

Plus I find in the mornings after a less than restful ‘beauty sleep’ (more often than not I wake up looking like I’ve been slapped in the face!!) I find a couple of deep inhalations makes me feel more rested.

Not just a pretty face

Boost Oxygen do a whole range of Oxygen products all with a unique set of benefits.  Such as eucalyptus which comes in a whopping 9 litre can (rrp £19.99).

To see the whole range of Boost Oxygen products and read more about the benefits please visit Boost Oxygen Life



*post includes a gifted product



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