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May 22, 2017

This review of Beautycoll Collagen drink is my second review of a collagen drink and it’s not going to be my last.  I am now on a bit of a mission to try as many of these as possible – and of course write a review to feedback to you all.

Why collagen?

Collagen – it’s causing a bit of a buzz in the beauty world – both via topical products and products that promote beauty from within.

In case you don’t know already we need collagen to keep our skin soft, plump and springy and keep the (inevitable) lines at bay.  We all have collagen in us, but it does decline with age starting in your 20’s!  Sun, smoking and processed foods all attack it.  So try to avoid the obvious, drink lots of water and make sure you eat well.  Sounds easy! and then real life comes along, which of course includes having fun, going out, playing in the sunshine, etc.  I’m glad I’ve done all of these things and I intend to keep doing them for as long as I can… However I do know (and notice) that as I’ve got older my skin is ageing but I would like to try and delay things for as long as possible and age well.  My collagen levels are dropping and it has started to show – but could collagen drinks be the answer?


I purchased a 28 day supply from Face the Future, at the time there was a 10% offer on, the cost was about £44 which works out at approx. £1.46 per day.


The collagen within Beautycoll is fish based (I would never want to buy bovine as I still worry about mad cows! ?)

Beautycoll comes in a box – containing 28 sachets.  The box has a lot of information on it and
Beautycoll have a very informative website.

Beautycoll collagen drinks back of box information

Along with collagen Beautycoll also includes:

  • Vitamin C, which is known to contribute to collagen formation
  • Biotin which is also good for your hair (one of the ingredients in the hair supplement Visical)
  • Hyaluronic Acid which helps keep the moisture in your skin

Each sachet/drink has 62 calories and zero fat, also good to know NO added sugars ?

The taste is very pleasant if like me you like the taste of berries – Beautycoll market it as mixed berry flavour – the berries on the box look like raspberries to me, I thought it tasted like Strawberry Angel Delight ?? – very pleasant.  I mixed mine with regular tap water but you could be fancy and add bottled water or ice.

Each daily drink comes in a single serving packet and is in powder form.  You need to mix the powder first with a little water, into a paste and then top it up.  So really very easy, a advantage to the drinks not being pre mixed is they are very portable and of course you don’t need to worry about them leaking.  These were super easy to travel to work with me. I read somewhere that you should avoid drinking these within a hour of caffeine, so rather than have one at breakfast – when coffee is king!☕️ I replaced my 11am coffee with a collagen drink.

Beautycoll powder in glas pre mixing
Beautycoll collagen drink with a small amount of water to mix
Beautycoll collagen drink with water added fully mixed
Beautycoll collagen drink drink mixed with water and front of box

Remember these are a food supplement so have a best before date and are not vegetarian – if you are looking for vegetarian collagen you should check out ?Veggiecol® at Rejuvenate


As I said earlier, last month was Month 1 of my collagen mission and I started off  taking Skinade.  So this is effectively my Month 2.I am hooked!  My skin continues to look and feel better.  I’m getting close to  50 so am definitely noticing the signs of ageing in my skin, but also in myself – i.e. aches and pains etc.

My skin is continuing to look and feel better – it is so much softer than before and that’s all over – for example soft elbows, even the skin between my fingers and toes feels better!

I am definitely using a lot less foundation, plus my skin seems less thirsty so my base is staying put.

Month 3 and beyond

I have just finished my Beautycoll course and now reveal that the collagen drink for Month 3 is… ta-dah! Boots ‘Beauty from Within’ Collagen Liquid so expect a full review here on the blog in the next 30 days or so.

If YOU!  have tried collagen drinks or have a suggestion for my Month 4 please do let me know.

However for now  ?

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