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BB Lifestyle Sunscreen – re-buy

September 23, 2019

BB Lifestyle hydrating sun screen

BB Lifestyle Hydrating Sunscreen

In April 2019 I reviewed the BB Lifestyle Sunscreen which you can read here.  It was a gifted product but I was so impressed by it I have just purchased another one. Since the age of 15 I have worn sunscreen every single day – and at 51 I am glad I did (go me!)


I have to mention the price which is £49 for 100ml.  I know that seems a lot doesn’t it? – but I really feel it is worth it. Sunscreen is my Number 1 skin care essential so I am happy to invest my pennies here.

For a start if you are just applying this to your face and neck like I am it will last you a long time.  I have just run out, my first tube lasted from April to August so 5 months. If you do the face maths that’s about 35p a day for skin protection.

A new look

BB Lifestyle sunscreen and packagingI noticed on delivery that the product does look a bit different from my first product and hoped that nothing radical had changed to the product itself.

I am pleased to report that whilst the outside has changed what’s inside hasn’t. This is a soft, silky sunscreen that feels like a high end moisturiser.

It doesn’t make my eyes sting, gives my skin hydration plus a dewy glow and of course protects  it from the sun.  It’s SPF30+ which is enough but if they brought out an SPF50 I would more than likely trade up.

If you would like to try this for yourself you can purchase it via my discount code sun19 and get 10% off the price.  In the UK postage is currently £4.00 so the total should be £48.10 and postage takes about 4 days.

To buy :

?Cruelty Free | used by Dermatologists


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