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BB Lifestyle Luxury Sunscreen*

April 23, 2019

BB Lifestyle sunscreenIt’s fair to say I have tried a lot of sunscreen over the years – but this one by BB Lifestyle is luxury Sunscreen and it’s a keeper.

Whilst I think it may well be the most expensive sunscreen I have ever tried (rrp £49 for 100ml) ) I can tell you now it is going to be a re buy (plus keep reading for a 10% discount code at the end of this post)

It is the most loveliest sunscreen I have ever used.

BB lifestyle sunscreen 100ml tube and packaging

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I bang on about sun protection a lot, and with good reason, as sun damage is:

a) Dangerous
b) Not a good look. Simply put it ages your skin before its time.

Sun tanned skin is damaged skin and besides there are so many great self tan products out there – Why risk it?  Even this pale skinned blogger has found one that suits – check out my post on Novell Self Tan HERE

Luxury Sunscreen SPF30

So, my usual morning routine is cleanse, moisturiser, sunscreen, foundation etc.

Things have become very different for me whilst I have been testing out this BB Lifestyle product – I am skipping the moisturiser!

BB lifestyle sunscreen and information leaflet

BB Luxury Sunscreen really blurs the lines between sunscreen and moisturiser.

Along with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30+ sunscreen benefits it has a CBD (Cannabidiol) in its HC56Complex™️.

CBD in Sunscreen

I’ve come across CBD and Hemp in skincare products before but I think this is the first sunscreen to quote it as an ingredient.

HC56Complex is a trade marked complex which BB Lifestyle states has “an exceptional form of hemp oil that delivers unprecedented anti-oxidant benefits for the health and beauty of skin”.  I couldn’t agree more.

BB Luxury Sunscreen blurs the lines between sunscreen and moisturiser.

This is such a great product and a pleasure to use.  As I stated earlier it has all the moisturising benefits to enable me to skip my morning dose of moisturiser.

It is also very much unlike a sunscreen in it’s consistency.  It is not greasy or heavy and it leaves no trace of residue on my skin, unlike some other sunscreens I have used.sunscreen on back of hand

The other wonderful thing about it is I can apply it anywhere – no irritation whatsoever.

Whilst I have quite robust skin I do find that some products with an SPF/sunscreen make my eyes water and sometime sting.  Not so with this one.

I really love ‘wearing’ this product and I love the smug feeling of knowing that whatever the weather my skin is protected and looking good.

£59 is more than I ever thought I would be willing to spend on a sunscreen – but this is different and worth every penny.  Plus I have a discount code that I can share with you – sun19 will get you 10% off the rrp

Good to know:

Vegan | Contains No Oxybenzone | Non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) | Free of Fragrance, Paraben and Gluten

For more information and to buy please visit

*gifted product

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