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November 21, 2016

Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment

As we get older cell renewal slows down, and skin can appear duller, mine certainly does.  So exfoliation is the key.  There are plenty of products on the market that can help. bareMinerals Intensive Glow Pads 60 Pads  are a very lazy and fuss free way to help brighten your complexion.

As with many things I wasn’t looking to buy these but first off the rather lovely box attracted me.  I have tried a similar product before, this pot is for 60 so a couple of months as I will be using them each night.

Each pad is infused with product (vitamins and minerals) which increase cell turnover.  Each side is textured,  one side rougher than the other, so good on the side of the nose and on my open pores.
I have been using them for a week and I am noticing a marked improvement in the appearance of my skin tone and texture – it certainly looks more even and a recent mark caused by a stubborn spot has definitely faded, so I am pleased.
I have changed my beauty routine in the last week to try and give the skin on my face and neck a winter boost.  Currently it goes like this:
  • Twice a week – Dermal roller on my frown lines – post coming soon
  • Weekly – Collagen sheet mask – link to post
  • Each night – BareMinerals Glow Pads
  • Daily – Dr Hauschka Regenerating Serum, Eye, Day and Neck Cream – post coming soon
  • Daily – SPF50 come rain or shine.


(we should all be using an SPF but if you don’t and you start to use anything containing any AHA you must add SPF to your daily routine).
Keep on glowing!  ?

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