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March 31, 2019

Let me introduce you to Aya Natural.

AYA NATURAL Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Face Cream
One of the many things I love about being a blogger is getting the opportunity to try new things.  So when a new Vegan Skincare range comes on the scene my Beauty Blogger curiosity peaks.

Aya Natural are a Vegan skincare brand so are naturally cruelty free. ?   Their products are created with the purest, natural vegan ingredients, so you won’t need a Chemistry degree to understand the ingredients.?

So its “Goodbye” to artificial colours, parabens, alcohol. And “Hello” to the likes of Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba.AYA NATURAL Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Face Cream

My introduction to Aya Natural

I’ve recently been trying their Rejuvenating Face cream aka Youth Renewal.  This is a luxurious face cream, with a rich and creamy texture.

AYA NATURAL Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Face Cream

When it arrived it appeared to be quite solid and came with a dinky little wooden stirrer suggesting  I give it a mix. Prior to mixing it I gave it a sniff (I always dive in nose first with skincare as I am soooo about the fragrance), and it seemed to be fragrance free.

However, once I had stirred it, the fragrance kicked in.  To me it is not a floral fragrance (no added perfume of course) but I can really smell the oils which gives it a very ‘spa like’ aroma.

I have always known that skincare should not stop at your face but extend down your neck and your chest

No surprise then to find high on the ingredients list are olive, jojoba and avocado oils.

Aya Natural themselves describe it as a herb-based and it contains Galilean olive oil.  That explains the stirring, as the product started life in Israel and therefore during it’s journey the ingredients may separate.

Because of all the oils Youth Renewal is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids and aimed at mature skin types.

My skin age

I’m over 50 so would think my skin should be mature, however like me (!) it doesn’t always act its age.

I really like the creamy texture of this face cream and adore the rich aroma when I warm it in the palms of my hands and inhale it before applying it.

At first I started to use this as a moisturiser AM and PM.  However I found it a bit too rich for the day, so started to use it only in the evening and really went to town on my neck.

Neck care

Can I just spend a little time talking about my neck?

See I have always known that skincare should not stop at your face but extend down your neck and your chest (décolletage). However I admit I have been a bit hap-hazard about this over the years.

And recently I had my long hair cut short and there it was – my neglected neck.

It is showing signs of ageing.  I do have fleeting thoughts about some type of laser or ultra sound therapy for it.  But they are so expensive, might not work and don’t they hurt?

So it is no to ‘invasive’ and Yes to moisturiser & massage (plus day time sun protection).  For which Youth Renewal is perfect for.AYA NATURAL Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Face CreamAt the end of the day I relax into my night time routine and apply this sparingly to my face and generously to my neck, throat and chest.

It all feels very indulgent (I should have done it years ago of course).


To find out more and shop Aya Naturals for Vegan skincare from head to toe please hop over to

 * gifted product

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