April You Beauty Box

April 10, 2017

First Impressions

April 2017 You Beauty Box contents
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I am a silver member of You Beauty Box, so each month I get to choose 3 products for my box.
I was a bit underwhelmed by the products I could choose for April 2017, also they seemed to be on the small size – the majority were 10ml which really is a sample size.  YOU Beauty don’t say they will send you full size products but in the past the sizes have been quite good.  Unless there is a product that I really must have I now pick by the size of the product on offer, as for for me here it really is a case of size matters!!?

There was one make up choice this month (Lip crayon) the rest was skin care which I was pleased about.  This months ‘theme’ was Organic & Natural.

As usual the box included the YOU Beauty mini newsletter/product info booklet and some discount codes#

My April Picks

benecos hand crea, balance me body polish, SKN-RG moisturiser

Benecos Handcream

benecos hand cream and a knitted cactus

A 75ml size (the biggest item on offer this month).  Benecos, a new brand to me, this is a hand cream, made in Austria.  It’s a light formula and easily absorbs, it has no fragrance whatsoever which I find unusual.

Balance me, Super Toning Body Polish

balance me super toning body polish

I have tried balance me products before and they always smell good – as does this Super Toning Body Polish.  The fragrance is lush – balance me say it features their “signature, spa-inspired  super blend” and if like me you love the smell of all the oils etc at the spa it won’t disappoint.  50ml size so a good weeks worth of exfoliating in a tube.

SN-RG Cellular Repair Moisturiser

SKN-RG organics repair moisturiser
This was my first pick but only a 10ml size.  At first I could not get the pump to work, but took it apart and that seemed to do the trick.  SKN-RG cellular repair moisturiser claims to increase skin cellular repair (which I guess means turnover).  It does contain probiotics which are getting more popular in skincare, so I am intrigued and I will use it, but is 10ml enough to notice the difference?  Smells nice 🙂

Extra Treats

Pip and nut almond butter and lavera hand cream sample

Pip & Nut Almond Butter 30g.  I am a big peanut butter fan, and don’t mind Nut Butters but do find them a bit runny and therefore a bit difficult to transport.  So having them in a squeezy tube (and you have to give it a good squeeze before you open to mix the oil) is a good idea.  For me? you can’t beat Whole Earth Crunchy No Added Sugar (sugar kills collagen) Peanut Butter.

Lavera 2 in 1 Hand & Nail Cream.  This is a 1ml sample of 2 in 1 care Hand & Cuticle Cream.  Each month YOU Beauty usually add a couple of free treats, however this sample is not mentioned on the website or in the little information book you get with your box.  Maybe they thought at 1ml it was hardly worth it?  Enough for one use, it’s going in the car glove box in case of an emergency. (if I ever break down I will be useless, however I have a glove box rammed with nail files, hand cream, paracetamol, sanitary towels, and lipstick!!)

Until next month….   ?

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