Algae Peel-off mask by Ultrasonic Beauty*

October 22, 2018

Algae Peel Off Mask with Spirulina by Ultrasonic Beauty

Algae Peel-Off Mask, with Spirulina

I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to road test this Algae peel off mask from Ultrasonic Beauty, I, of course, said Yes Please!

It is a peel-off mask that you mix up yourself – all you need to do is add water and give it a really good stir, so it forms a smooth paste.  My first few attempts at mixing it were a bit hit and miss, it was a bit lumpy, but it was still useable.Algae Peel Off Mask with Spirulina by Ultrasonic Beauty

Once properly mixed (it should be a thick paste) you need to apply it evenly to your face, but also neck and decollete if you wish.  More often than not a lot of the face masks that professionals use in the Beauty Salon are the type that need to be mixed up – and they know what they are doing.

The tub is a whopping 220g so that is going to last a long time (expiry date is August 2020).


The mask has a tag line of ‘firming and lifting’ and the active ingredient is Spirulina.

Spirulina, you may have heard of it before and maybe even eaten it or had it in a smoothie?  It is often referred to as a SuperFood.  It is a type of algae that is found in lakes and has been around forever – possibly one of the oldest lifeforms on the planet.Algae Peel Off Mask with Spirulina by Ultrasonic Beauty

I’ve come across it before in smoothies the green type, but let’s be clear this post is about a face mask – which is NOT to be eaten.

Skin Food

Spirulina is an anti-oxidant so great for protecting and ‘anti-ageing’ your skin. The best way to apply it to your face is via a face mask so this mask is perfect.

Benefits of Spirulina on the skin include:

  • Reducing dark circles (hydration)
  • Antibacterial (acne/spots)
  • Encourages cell turnover
  • Helps skin retain moisture

Mask it!

I love a good pampering session, it should be relaxing but also enjoyable and this mask has a peel-off action which really appeals to my inner child!

To make up the mask you just add tap water and mix it really well to a smooth paste.Algae mask

Once you have mixed the paste you paint it on, you could use fingers however I prefer to use a spatula. You need to work quickly and apply it straight away as it starts to set quite quickly and try not to get any in your hair.

Once applied it will start to set and if you have got the consistency right it should not drip so you are free to go potter about – just remember you have it on!

Whilst the mask is drying it is really hardening so your skin underneath is being gently firmed.

After about 15 minutes the mask should be set enough to peel off – ready to hang in the window for Halloween! ?  ? Algae Peel-off mask by Ultrasonic Beauty

What isn’t scary is the effect this mask has on my skin.

It leaves it feeling super soft and hydrated, which equals fresh faced and glowing.

If you have skin that is slightly dry, stressed or needing a boost this may well be the perfect mask for you. It is one of the bests masks I have used.

I disposed of the mask in the bin as I thought that would better than flushing it down the loo.

Don’t forget your neck!

As I’ve mentioned you can apply this to your face, neck or chest or anywhere else – maybe even your feet if they need a bit of pre/post holiday care.

Your neck, as you get older (from 25!) should to be included in your beauty routine.  So remember to cleanse/tone, gently exfoliate and mask your neck too if you want to keep looking your best.

Wherever you choose to apply this Algae mask with Spirulina I think you will love it.

For more information and to purchase current RRP £23.99 please visit UltrasonicBeauty.comUltrasonic Beauty

*post includes a PR sample and may also include some affliated links


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