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June 19, 2017

La dolce vita

AH Skincare Caffeine night cream, Elderberry moisturiser, Pro age eye area, pro age night serum

A couple of rather lovely things happened to me recently at the same time.
1. My holiday to Sorrento, Italy ?? came round faster than expected.
2. Andrea Hutchins the founder of Ah…Skincare sent me four products to try, which came in a handy travel case ✈️

AH Skincare Caffeine night cream, Elderberry moisturiser, Prp age eye area, pro age night serum

Some things are just meant to go together, so could there be a better time to try a new handmade organic skincare range than on a relaxing holiday to the beautiful Almalfi coast? I think not!!

About Ah…Skincare

Andrea started Ah…Skincare in 2014 and is committed to producing skincare products that are natural, organic and good for you and the environment.

Her ingredients are hand picked, free from parabens, sulphates etc and are never tested on animals ??

Elderberry Moisturiser

Ah Skincare Elderberry moisturiser

This is a lovely silky day cream/moisturiser with a mineral SPF of 25.  This everyday moisturiser is not only aimed at protecting your skin against sun damage and ageing, but it’s gentle and soothing to your skin at the same time.

The pump dispenser is easy to use and also means no fingers in jars thus ensuring the product remains pure.

As well as a great moisturiser I also found this to be an excellent base for my make up as it easily absorbed into my skin.  Not highly perfumed, as that would mean adding something just to make it smell nice, it does have a very slight fragrance that I would describe as natural and pure.

A little goes a long way – a couple of pumps is enough for my face and neck.

Ah Skincare Elderberry moisturiser

I have pretty robust skin in terms of sensitivity however occasionally it does react and still (at nearly 50!) get the odd spot, but it didn’t react to Elderberry Moisturiser at all.  Elderberry is a natural detoxifying agent which would help combat any breakouts, so you know that this is going to be gentle on your skin.

Ah…Skincare give you a full ingredients list,  I’m glad to see that it also includes a couple of my favourite skincare ingredients in terms of anti ageing – Vitamin C and the super hydrater Hyaluronic Acid ?

Pro age eye cream

Ah Skincare Pro age eye cream

I knew I was going to love this eye cream before I even used it! Why? Its got sun protection SPF25 already added.

SPF isn’t that common in an eye cream, but as the skin around the eyes is more delicate (thinner) it is an area of the skin that can show the first signs of ageing, so you need to protect your skin here early from those pesky rays ?

Ah…Skincare class their Pro Age Eye Cream as a treatment, as along with the sun protection it is also charged with ingredients to combat lines and dark circles.

Ah Skincare Pro age eye cream

I have been applying this twice a day, (don’t worry as the SPF is mineral it is fine to use at bedtime). Packaged in an airless pump you only need a little to tap along under the eye area.

I struggle sometimes with eye cream during the day as I find some products too greasy and they sit on my skin which means my mascara smudges.  Panda ? eyes when you are trying to combat dark shadows is NOT a good look, but I am happy to report there was no problem with this one.

Pro age night renew serum

Ah Skincare Night serum

Pro Age Night Serum is about repair and renewal and contains one of my skin care heroes collagen (marine based ?).  Collagen in skincare is something I always look out for as you need it to keep your skin hydrated and firm.

Other anti ageing ingredients include melon extract, rosehip oil, green tea, passion fruit, blueberry, plum and seaweed extracts plus arnica oil.

I really love the subtle fragrance of this serum, so relaxing and soothing to apply at the end of the day.  In fact the more I use it the more addictive I find the fragrance, it reminds of walking into a luxury spa for a good pampering session… bliss.

This lightweight serum feels cool and refreshing when you apply it to your face.  You only need a small amount, I found 4 drops enough.  Apply your serum before your night cream and wake up happy.

Caffeine night cream

Ah Skincare Caffeine night cream

This night cream is part of the anti ageing range, a luxury range of products that combat the main signs of ageing.  I’ve never tried a face skincare product with caffeine in it before however it makes sense as caffeine boosts circulation and blood flow (which is why it is often found in cellulite products).

Along with powerful Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Ah…Skincare have packed some other powerful ingredients into their Caffeine Night Cream, such as creatine which is another product that occurs naturally in skin but declines with age… ?

Ah Skincare Caffeine Night Cream

Again another lovely texture of product, a pure white cream with a subtle but yummy fragrance which is not surprising as it contains coffee extract and coffee butter.

I have been applying this after the Pro Age Night Serum, all over my face and neck – using upward strokes (gravity I defy you!)

It’s branded as a night cream but if your skin needs a bit of extra tlc, maybe stressed or extra dry you could easily use this for daytime too.

Beyond the holiday

4 Ah Skincare products

These 4 super stars were great to use on holiday but are still going strong.

Now I’m back to more of my ‘normal’ beauty routine I am continuing to enjoy all of the products.

For the day time the Elderberry Moisturiser is the perfect base for make up,  plus it has the SPF.

I’m still using the eye cream every day reassured to know that the SPF25 is there to protect me.  The weather in the UK is not a patch on the glorious sunshine in Italy but it is good to know I am protected and should the sunshine make an appearance –  it won’t catch me out!

And then at the end of the day  I always find solace in my night time routine.  I enjoy the ritual of applying my products and Pro Age Serum with that gorgeous smell followed by the Caffeine Night Cream to finish off the day perfectly and I am ready for sleeps ?

Ah…Skincare, it’s aptly named…
01483 576 118

*post includes a PR sample


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