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Absolute Collagen Review* ?

July 10, 2017

I’m an Absolute Beginner – well kind of! I’ve been trying a few collagen drinks recently as I know that we lose collagen naturally from around the age of, (deep breath) 25! So it makes sense to me that you should try and get more collagen into your system if you are serious about preserving your skin.

Previously I have felt and seen the benefits of adding a collagen food supplement to my regime, so I was more than delighted to receive a supply of Absolute Collagen to get me back on the wagon.

absolute collagen

So Why bother with Collagen?

Collagen, its the stuff you need and want in your skin to give you glowing, soft yet firm, lovely skin.

You can preserve the stuff you have already by eating well, not smoking and protecting your skin from UV rays ?

However in addition to the above you can now, in a very pleasant and tasty way, drink more collagen into your skin – and Absolute Collagen make this super easy to do.

You can read more about collagen and why it is so important for skin health HERE

Absolute Collagen

absolute collagen in box

Looks good doesn’t it?  The packaging is visually stunning it comes in a beautiful box you will be happy to have out on display.

Absolute Collagen has been recently launched in the UK, by the founder Maxine who has been working on her product with scientists to produce the best collagen supplement at the lowest possible price.

Each box contains 14 sachets so enough for 2 weeks and currently retails at £29.99, which works out at just £2.14 per day.

picture of an open box containing sachets

On the reverse of the box is all the nutritional information, the use by date (remember this is a food supplement) and some instructions on how to use.  There is a very comprehensive leaflet inside the box too.

Made from and containing 8000mg of high grade marine collagen? Absolute Collagen contains collagen and very little else so as not to muddy the waters so to speak.

I can read and understand all the ingredients – I know what they all are!

back of box supplement info

One of the ingredients included is Vitamin C  ? which is great as it is known to be very good for your skin as it helps with the production of collagen.

Absolute Collagen also list some of things that their supplement doesn’t include for example NO sugar? but also NO Pork derivatives ?, which made me think… ?

absolute collagen liquid supplement

Your daily dose of beauty

Some collagen drinks come in a plastic bottles to ready to drink, others in a glass bottle and some in powder form,  Absolute Collagen is a bit different as it gives you choices ?

(1) Neat straight out of the sachet

All you need to do it tear open the sachet and consume it, you don’t even need to completely tear it open just a bit will do.

It tastes fine, trust me – not fishy.  It is a gel like substance and tastes a bit like lemon,  I push my fingers along the sachet to make sure I got every last drop – reminds me of how I use to eat an ice pop as a child.

Out of the sachet it is a golden honey like colour the picture below shows it poured/squeezed into a glass (if you are going to take it neat take it straight from the sachet, less washing up)

absolute collagen liquid supplement

(2) Dilute it

It won’t effect the product at all.

Just add some warm water and maybe a thin slice of lemon? (which I did’t have for my photo below ?)

absolute collagen liquid supplement with warm water
(3) Add it to another food
Absolute Collagen suggest adding it to yoghurt, so I’ve had a go at that too.
I added it to a peach and passion fruit Light & Free yoghurt, which like Absolute Collagen is sugar free.  It tasted great, the favours worked really well together ?
absolute collagen liquid supplement with yoghurt
Out of the three options I tried my favourite is number 1 – as I like the taste and this is the easiest.  However it is good to know that you have options/choices should you wish to mix things up a bit.
Option 1 fits in really well with my lifestyle all I need to do in the morning is throw a sachet into my handbag at the start of the day.
Being in a bright yellow sachet Absolute Collagen is easy to find in my bag and as it is a sachet (not a bottle) I don’t need to worry that it might leak.
For travelling it is really convenient,  it’s handy that I don’t have to mix it up and and the 10ml size is airplane friendly too ✈️


I mentioned at the start of this post that I had recently stopped taken collagen and in a way I am glad I did – as I have really been able to see what a difference taking Absolute Collagen has done to my skin.
After about 5 days I started to notice the effect.  My skin was starting to feel smoother and had a glow/radiance to it.
By the end of my 14 day course my skin was feeling firmer and my dark circles look reduced – my skin certainly feels more hydrated and plumper.
Big plus – my nails, which have been so neglected recently (too much gardening!! ?) have started to grow, but importantly growing strong ? not splitting.
If you are looking to improve your skin health (and of course Absolute Collagen affects ALL your skin) then I am convinced that adding a collagen drink to your skin care routine is definitely worth doing.
❤️ You should absolutely check out Absolute Collagen
* post contains a PR sample


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