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5 Collagen Supplements you might like *

October 3, 2019

In case you aren’t already aware collagen is the stuff that makes our skin soft, bouncy, squidgy and youthful.  But, and it’s a big but, it does decline with age and levels start to drop in your… 20’s.

And! by the time you reach 50 (that’s me) you will have lost half of your natural collagen… ?

Fortunately nowadays there are plenty of options available to you should you wish to top up your depleting levels.

Be aware though that collagen in supplements needs to come from somewhere as it is a protein found mostly in hair, skin, nails, bones and ligaments. Therefore the collagen in supplements usually comes from animals.  The ingredients should always list what type of collagen you are getting:-

  • Marine Collagen – comes from fish
  • Bovine – cows
  • Porcine – pigs

It is possible to make collagen using using genetically modified yeast and bacteria – which you can read more about at  To date I have not yet tried Vegan collagen.

Below are 5 Collagen Drinks that I have tried which all contain marine collagen.

Absolute Collagen

absolute collagen

Absolute Collagen offer His and Hers collagen via a Beauty Box subscription service (which you can cancel at any time).

You can drink the collagen neat from the tube or dilute it with water or mix it with other food, for example yoghurt.

A box of 14 sachets delivered by post can cost £26.99 = £1.93 for your daily drink.

Beauty From Within by Boots the Chemist

On the High Street at your local Boots, a box of 10 pre mixed drinks costs £30 for a 10 day supply.

Boots often have these on their 3 for 2 deal so if you bulk buy you could get a months supply for £60 = £2.00 a day. collagen liquid

BeautyCollbeautycoll collagen sachets

Buy online or via a local stockist BeautyColl offer collagen sachets that you mix with water to make a berry flavoured drink.

A 28 day course costs £39.99 (£1.43 a drink) or save more by buying a box of 56 sachets for £59.99 (£1.07)


Bioglan Beauty Collagen

Bioglan have a range of collagen products which include tablets and chews.

To make a fruit flavoured drink use their effervescent tablets.

A tube of 20 tablets will give you a 10 day supply at £8.99 which is just 90p per day – a great introduction to collagen

bioglan collagen

SkinadeSkinade collagen drink

One of the first collagen drinks to the UK market

Skinade comes as a pre mixed drink or a sachet that you mix with water.  Buy online or via their network of stockists.

A 60 day course costs £231 = £3.85 a day.


To see the effects of a collagen supplement you need to give it time – you can’t expect results overnight.  Whilst I don’t currently take collagen every day when I do I like to take a course lasting 3 months and enjoy seeing and feeling the noticeable results. ?

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* post contains some affiliated links.  Absolute Collagen, Bioglan and Skinade – previously gifted products



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