2020 De-clutter – Hand Cream*

February 3, 2020

Now I don’t like to throw anything in the bin if I can help it, and use or re cycle or charity bag stuff whenever I can.  When it comes to cosmetics and creams I try to use them up – but like a lot of us I often have more than one product on the go.

I try and make the resolve that I will use up my existing, shampoo, foundation, shower gel etc before I buy another but with so many new and shiny products on the market, offering me new hope of the best hair/skin/lashes ever – it’s hard to resist.

So I went through all my house and I think, (but can’t be certain) that I have collected up all the hand creams I currently have on the go:-

Molton Brown (1)

Purchased to posh up the ensuite!

They come in a pump dispenser and are classed as Hand and Body lotion.  I have the Lemon and Mandarin which lives in the cloakroom now as I recently wanted to buy a matching set (Amber Cocoon – Hand and Body Lotion plus Soap) for the ensuite.

The pump dispensers always gets refilled and recycled – but the contents vary and may not be genuine ?

Stratum Menopause Skin Care (2)

I’ve written about this hand cream before.

Protecting your hands from the sun is a daily essential and having SPF in suncream is a great idea.  Pricey though at around £18

Nip + Fab Glycolic Hand Renew (3)

This is an exfoliating hand cream, which I like the idea of.  However, it has hardly been used, mainly because it was hidden in my desk drawer.

I have moved this to the bedside table as I think it is better suited to night time. Contains Glycolic acid to brighten skin.  I’m not super keen on the scent though.

Benecos Hand Cream (4)

This hand cream has been around for a long time in my kitchen drawer, it came in a You Beauty Box (now discontinued).  Natural and organic, I’ve looked for a period after opening date on the tube but can’t find one.

I have never really used it as it is just so so.  I think it may have lost it’s scent now but it does soften my hands still.  I am going to put my own use by date on this of April 2020 and after that it   will be recycled.

Sol de Janerio Hand Cream (5)

My favourite.  It breaks all my hand cream ‘rules’  – zero SPF/UV protection and no nail care claims.  But I just love the scent and therefore love using it and using it up.

Available now at Space NK on the UK high street – I have already restocked.


Nuxe Hand and Nail Cream (6)

I really like this one from French brand Nuxe, it doesn’t have any SPF but I love the texture and the fragrance which I would describe as soft and floral.

I like hand creams that state they are good for nails as well.

I use this at least once a day.

Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream (7)

Comes in a glass jar with lid.  If you don’t like the smell of Almond this is not for you as it is highly fragranced and also has  a butter like texture – very thick.

This pot was hiding in the downstairs loo cupboard and it has gone off.  To be honest I reckon it must be a good 4+ years old – I did pretty well as it has nearly all gone.

Great that the packaging is zero plastic.

Lacura Q10 Hand Cream (8)

Picked this one up in the magical centre aisle at Aldi.  It looks very similar to a Nivea hand cream.  Cheap, cheerful AND contains UV filters.

It’s got quite a thick texture (you don’t need much) and I like the scent.  This really is a bargain.

Mane ’n Tail Hoofmaker (9)

Love the name of this product.   This one has been on the go for ages, it’s a whopping 170g.

It has a very unique fragrance not flowery or floral.  Originally formulated for horses hooves it does a good job when it comes to nail care. Read more here.


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