2016 – Review

2016 – Hello Beauty Boo!

I started my blog in June of 2016 and I am really, really enjoying myself.
I love beauty, writing and my photography skills are improving I hope! Also the Blogging  Community is so supportive and friendly and I have made some great friends already.

There are so many great Beauty Blogs/websites out there, which are both fun, informative and innovative.
The ones that I would like to give a special mention to are:

Artemis and Xena
B Beauty Ltd
Back 2 Natural
Scampi & Chips
The 40 something Beauty Addict
The Lavender Barn
Through New Eyes

And as a way of a tribute to my first year (well 6 months really) of Blogging I thought I would do a quick run down of my 2016 posts.

August : Hello world! Egg White cleanser – my first post

August : Hawaiian Tropic body mists (so good I brought them all)

August : Still loving the Popbands

August : Neocell Beauty Bursts – you won’t believe collagen can taste this good

August : KIKI supplements – my daily drink

September : MAC discontinued Pink Treat 🙁

September : Felt the need to share my teeth cleaning routine

September : Post in tribute to a couple classics

September : Spent a happy afternoon depotting


September : The lovely people at B Beauty Ltd sent me some samples

September : 30 Years of Bleach! How my hair recovered

September : I enjoyed making a mess with Back2Natural

October : Rubber mask? not sure it was worth the effort

October : Christmas spoiler – a budget advent calendar from ALDI

October : Found an old friend at Boots (now disappeared again)

November : Korean Beauty – Rice Rice Baby

November : Sheet masks and collagen  my 2016 obession

November : You Beauty Box – why did I ever leave?

November : And the reviews keep on glowing

November : Im in 7th Heaven – a big thumbs up

December : Just what the Dr (Hauschka) ordered

December : Blurred lines, a brand comparison

December : You Beauty Box Review

I  have learnt so much in my first 6 months of blogging but there is a long way to go – so bring on 2017!

Happy New year everyone and please keep on reading, following, posting and commenting…

Loves, BeautyBoo xx

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