KISS false eyelashes*

It’s all about the eyes My eyes are not my best feature.  They do a great job at seeing(!) but are on the small side, who am I kidding? They…

Flawless Eyeliner by Loreta*

KISS Press-on Manicure *

The Venetian Collection by Norvell Tanning*

Wish List

Hempz Aromabody Milk & Honey *

Your skin, it covers all of you.  So why do we often neglect it and concentrate on just the bits we tend to look at the most – ie our…

Wake up happy 😊 with (no) Frownies*

Proaura Vitamin C serum with Astaxanthin*

Carriere Motion 3D Appliance

The Timeless Truth about Sheet Masks*

Sheet Masks Hurrah! for the easy peasy (no more squeezy) sheet mask.  Before sheet masks came along you had to apply your face mask from either a jar/tube etc (not the hardest…

New rules for exfoliation

Where did the last 6 months go!?! *

Ingrowing hairs? call the Skin Doctors *