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USA shopping spree 🇺🇸

Holiday Souvenirs I love a foreign pharmacy/chemist and whilst in the USA recently was able to indulge in a couple – Sephora and CVS plus Saks which is a department…

Proto-col Collagen Skin Care*

Algae mask by Ultrasonic Beauty*

KISS false eyelashes*

Wish List

Flawless Eyeliner by Loreta*

Black Eyeliner I adore black eyeliner – my face is never without it, and I always, always apply it above my lashes. I like an inky black liquid line which…

KISS Press-on Manicure *

The Venetian Collection by Norvell Tanning*

Hempz Aromabody Milk & Honey *

Wake up happy 😊 with (no) Frownies*

The lines on my face Every line tells a story, or so they say.  I think my story therfore would be of a life full of wonderment, surprises and laughter!…

Proaura Vitamin C serum with Astaxanthin*

Carriere Motion 3D Appliance

The Timeless Truth about Sheet Masks*