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Lotil Classic Skincare*

Ok, I have to admit I have been overdoing things a bit recently… And in a bid to pep up my skin I seem to have overdone the Retinol a…

Want great skin? Cut out the Sugar

Happiness tubbed!*

Holiday Hair – Aloe Vera

2019 Winter Wish List

Proto-col Collagen Moisturising Gel*

I have recently been trying out some advanced Collagen skincare from the UK brand proto-col.  The first steps in any Skincare regime is to get your skin clean and proto-col…

USA shopping spree 🇺🇸

Proto-col Collagen Skin Care*

Algae mask by Ultrasonic Beauty*

KISS false eyelashes*

It’s all about the eyes My eyes are not my best feature.  They do a great job at seeing(!) but are on the small side, who am I kidding? They…

Flawless Eyeliner by Loreta*

KISS Press-on Manicure *

The Venetian Collection by Norvell Tanning*